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The ultimate step-by-step programme if you’re ready to
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Have you watched “The Secret” and put pictures of your dream car, house and partner on you fridge - and still they're nowhere to be seen?

Have you been saying positive affirmations until they came out your ears, and nothing seems to have changed?

Do you try and think positive thoughts but before you know it, you’re back on the old tracks?

Or, if you’re familiar with EFT, have you tapped yourself blue in the face on this thing called ‘abundance’ and you seem nowhere nearer it?

If you can relate to any of this, you’re in exactly the right place. So read on because you’ll see how, just like when you bake a cake, there’s more to creating wealth than just knowing the ingredients.

You need a step-by-step recipe!

You probably already know that imagination, affirmations, positive thinking and clearing out blocks are all essential parts of the recipe to success, but to get the outcome that you want you also need to know exactly how much of each ingredient to use, how to prepare and mix it, what sort of pan to put it in, at what temperature to bake it and for how long.

If you miss any of the ingredients or the steps you’re unlikely to get the cake you said you wanted.

If, despite all the tapping, therapy, books, seminars, mp3’s and webinars you still find yourself not having what you want, frustrated with yourself or others that these so-called laws of abundance don’t seem to work for you, and you’re as stuck as ever, then this programme will teach you exactly, and step-by-step, how to change things around.

Here’s a simple way to find out if this is for you:

If you...

  • are not open to learning new ways of thinking, feeling, being and doing and you want to keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing
  • want to sit on the sofa and wait for the money, the car, the partner or the job of your dreams to fall into your lap
  • are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

then this programme is absolutely not for you.

This programme will teach you how to
create wealth for the long term, starting
with the only place that it should start: you.

Have you already decided to, or are you about to, give up on your dreams?

You're not alone.

  • Are you struggling financially? Or, doing OK but know that you’re not earning even close to your potential?
  • Have you ever been to a seminar excited, charged-up and confident that you’re going to change your world, only to find yourself losing steam within a few days?
  • Ever read a book and thought that ‘this is it!’ but then you weren’t sure how to put the principles into practice in your own life, so you bought the next book?
  • Have you ever started a new meditation, gym, eating or journaling routine – and given up within a few days or weeks?
  • Do you notice other people getting ahead, but it somehow seems you cannot?
  • Are you in a job you hate but think you cannot leave it to do what you love because you cannot match the pay, or do you love what you do but you feel guilty, not good enough or ashamed to ask what you’re worth? Do you tell yourself that people won’t want to pay you for what you're offering?
  • Do you often argue for your limitations and come up with reasons why you cannot live your dreams, like blaming the economy, your boss, your partner, your past or your parents?

If any of this seems familiar to you, keep reading,
because there is light at the end of the tunnel, and...

I've been where you are!

I'm Bennie Naudé. Today I love doing what I love and loving what I do and I’ve created my dream life. I travel the world, spending time with friends and family, and I work when I want, where I want.

Despite the so-called ‘recession’ and ‘global financial crisis’ my business keeps growing!

Don’t get me wrong: I do work when I work, it’s just that because I love what I do, it doesn’t always feel like work!

In a time when there is so much talk of contraction, I’m experiencing expansion.

And I can tell you that it hasn’t always been that way.

Soon after I left my successful and highly paid corporate career in 2009 things unravelled financially pretty quickly. I went from earning over £100,000 a year to £140 in my first month on my own! As you can imagine, pretty soon I could not afford to pay my mortgage, within 18 months I ended up having to sell my house to pay my debts and it wasn’t long before I ran out of the money I had over.

I felt depressed, hopeless and deeply alone with seemingly nowhere to go; at one time I felt so stressed that my cortisol (stress hormone) levels were more than 7 times the norm!

During this dark time I realised and decided three very important things.

I was the only one that could make a difference to my life

I could and would be successful doing what I love

I would get myself the support that I needed to help me to keep going when I felt like giving up

Maybe like you, I have listened to more webinars and seminars than I can remember. I used to buy self-help books by the dozen - and rarely read them and almost never completed the exercises at the end of each chapter!

I’ve worked with some of the world’s best therapists and trained with some of the world’s best spiritual and personal development teachers. I’ve meditated for days and medicated on occasion.

The one thing I heard over and over and over was that knowledge itself was not enough, that I had to APPLY the teachings – BUT I COULD NEVER FIGURE OUT EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT!

I didn’t know that to become really successful -
by your own standards - you have to do things in a
specific, systematic and persistent way.

So I grabbed my laptop and, using the best of the best of the best tools, tips and techniques that I knew, knocked up a programme that I started following day in and day out. I found someone that cared about me to help me to keep me going when I felt like giving up – and he did.

At first nothing happened – I still woke up stressed, overwhelmed, hopeless and anxious.

Then, slowly and surely I started feeling better.

One morning I woke up feeling great about myself and about life… then a few mornings in a row… and as I kept applying what I knew, and surrounded myself with mentors and friends that truly believe in me and what I do, the most weird and wonderful ‘coincidences’ and synchronicities started happening and I and my business started growing at an unprecedented rate!

The truth is...

You can imagine that new car or new relationship all your life and not get it.

You can wish and hope or work harder for the money to get you out of your financial struggles and never succeed.

Of course, it doesn't have to be this way.

Read on to learn how this programme, Money Making Moves: The 17 Ways to Create Wealth From the Inside Out, will help you, step by step, every step of the way, to create the life you want.

Imagine if you could...

  • Know exactly how to implement, step by step, the specific changes that you need to generate more money
  • Break through all the ‘not good enough’ voices in your head and start feeling proud of who you are!
  • Easily and quickly break out of habitual patterns of putting yourself down, keeping yourself small and shooting yourself in the foot - and start believing in yourself!
  • Feel the support of like-minded people every step of the way, people just like you, encouraging you through tough times and celebrating with you the great times!
  • Release guilt and shame about wanting and having more money and understanding that with more money you can do even more good in the world, if you want!
  • Learn how to leverage the universe’s omnipotent power to help you create exactly what you want – without having to know how
  • Experience for yourself how you create your own reality – only always!
  • Start creating and attracting more money not by working harder (or even smarter!) but by simply changing on the inside, taking appropriate action and then getting out of the way!
  • See for yourself how popular ideas that

    - money is the root of all evil,
    - there isn’t enough for everyone
    - you have to work hard to earn good money
    - that it is selfish to want money…

    are all simply not true, how they’ve been getting in the way of you having more money and discover at least 5 easy ways to break through these outdated beliefs that belong to another era.

You don’t have to go far to find proof of people doing what they love, loving what they do, and being financially free.

Imagine if that could be you?

Why not?!

For most people, buying self-help books or going to
seminars and then trying to create wealth by
themselves does not work. Period.

You need something different. Something radically different!

I designed this programme to create radical shifts in your way of being, because that’s what I needed.
From the results even in the first weeks, I knew that I was onto something very special and that it was time to expand and share it with others.

The people in the pioneer group experienced…

  • how to enjoy taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their lives
  • how to apply the easy-to-learn techniques daily, moment by moment, to create whatever they wanted – with an untold number of miracles and serendipities happening all the time!
  • the alchemical changes that happen when a group of like-minded individuals come together for the common purpose of expanding themselves and helping each other
  • a total and utter trust that their dreams are manifesting – right now!
  • feeling happier, more positive, optimistic, open to new ideas and opportunities.
  • discovered the literally life changing effect of gratitude
  • started opening up to RECEIVING and experienced unexpected money donations, refunds, reduced bills (that cannot be explained with logic!), all-paid for trips abroad, a new flat (or apartment), exciting business opportunities
  • closer relationships with partners, children, others and mostly, themselves!

Based on these results - I opened up the programme to the wider public.

"MMM is in the top 10 best decisions I've made in the past 5 years!!!"

“Before joining MMM, I was broke, very blocked and everything I tried failed; I couldn't regain the success I once had. Now, I'm much clearer emotionally, am more in the flow, clearer with my vision, earning more money easier. My relationships have improved, I've settled a longstanding lawsuit without an attorney or paying any money, my personal relationship with my significant other has improved and I've had several conversations with my former wife, where we had not really spoken in six years. I feel more content and optimistic. The value I've received from MMM far exceeds what I have paid."

Name Withheld Due To Client Confidentiality

This is not a get rich quick scheme or MLM; it is a modern day application of prosperity techniques and universal laws that have been around since the beginning of time.

Here's what's causing the problem and getting in the way of you living an abundant life:

Limiting beliefs about yourself, your ability to be rich, and the nature of money sabotages you every step of the way – unconsciously.

Most of these beliefs were installed up to the age of 7.

You wouldn’t let a 7-year-old drive your car, or manage your finances.

Would you?

But unless you clear up these old unconscious, outdated and invalid beliefs and attitudes about money and success and possibility – and install new, more useful (and true!) ones - that’s exactly what you’re doing.

If you still believe deep down that you will never amount to anything – because of something someone said or did 20, 30 or 50 years ago – you never will; you may have short-term success for sure, but ultimately your outside world will reflect your inner beliefs.

If you still believe that you’re not good enough, or you don’t have what it takes to be successful, then you probably never will.

What makes it even more essential to address limiting beliefs is that most of them are UNCONSCIOUS, which means you are not even aware of them!

That also means that they are getting in the way of your financial and other success without you even knowing about it. You can work harder all you want, but until you shift these beliefs, you’ll stay stuck.

But it’s not all doom and gloom and as I said before, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is probably a lot closer than you may think!

During the programme we’ll knock out those beliefs one by one and even better than that, you won’t have to wait until they’re all gone before you see results because we start implementing new beliefs that are aligned with prosperity and riches, pretty much right away.

You don't need another guru - you just need a real, practical and hands-on solution. Something, and someone, that’s been there/done that and is able to lead you through step-by-step, every step of the way.

The truth is that more people are waking up to their own dreams and desires. More people are beginning to realise how powerful they are, that you can change, and that you can have what you want in the way that you want it.

A new era has arrived and it requires a new way of thinking, feeling, doing and being.

Yet so many still, like I did, work a job they hate, barely breaking even or are financially successful but work so hard that they do not have time to enjoy the things that money can buy!

That’s why I created this programme to guide, support and help you transform a life of struggle, despair or lack into a life of living your dream.

You see, having more money is not about DOING different as much as it is about BEING different. And if you’ve been a certain way for a long time, then radical change is required to elevate you to the place of attracting money effortlessly.

And that’s exactly what the MMM programme is all about.

"The MMM programme has helped me start some belief changing work which has previously been impossible via other methods.

Using the techniques on the course I am seeing that my everyday world is manifesting what I talk and think about, and it’s a powerful discovery! I love having contact with the group and seeing how everyone develops together.

MMM has given me ground to believe that I create my world with my thoughts. I have re-connected with some family and friends I previously felt rejected or hurt by. To name but a few things I noticed in my first week:

- My confidence grew
- I created new dreams
- I found the way to move to a new flat when all felt impossible
- I started speaking Italian again after a year!

I feel so fortunate to have someone there to remind me to keep going!"

Emma L

Right from the start when you join this programme you will not only know the success principles by heart but when you start applying them right away, you'll experience the results for yourself!

Before long you will have become different – more of who you truly are rather than the programming that you received around lack, poverty and struggle.

You will discover ...

  • How to change the way you think about yourself, life and money, easily
  • How to use your imagination to create what you want – without having to know how!
  • How, with over-planning, stressing, worrying and controlling, you have actually been GETTING IN THE WAY of the universe providing you with what you want – and how to step out of the way to allow yourself to have what you want
  • How to, in the moment, when you need it the most, overcome challenging and painful emotions
  • How, saying ‘no’ to receiving has been blocking your abundance
  • How saying ‘yes’ when you wanted to say ‘no’ has been dishonouring yourself and who you are, and how to change it!
  • How to identify and change limiting beliefs running your unconscious programming
  • How to overcome situations when you’re stuck – by thinking BIGGER!
  • Which actions to take, and which ones to leave for the universe to handle
  • Not letting the ‘how’ get in the way of the ‘what’!
  • The profound transformational power in group-consciousness, where a group of like-minded people meet for a common purpose
  • State of the art and never before bundled up together tools, tips and techniques that have transformed my life

All that, in one programme?


"Yes, yes and yes!!

I have had a very uneasy relationship with money most of my life; MMM has now helped me to see why I am not attracting money, it is helping me make better decisions regarding money and my money beliefs are also changing. Like everyone else I've had my ups and downs in all areas of my life since the programme started, but what's different now is that I am looking at it from a positive standpoint and am really enjoying the journey. The content is excellent and Bennie's knowledge is second to none.  The biggest change for me is that I am totally responsible for my life - and I'm no longer waiting for someone or something else to sort me out - that was a big shift for me!!! If I had to choose again whether to sign up for MMM I'd say 'Yes, Yes and Yes!'; I'd say that MMM is worth a lot more than Bennie's charging, and for others thinking about it I can only say 'Just to do it!"

Darlene Stanton

You will explore the principles one by one in ways that are easy to understand and practical to apply in your life, right away.

You will clear out your old unhelpful patterns of thinking and doing and install new ones that serve and guide you to unparalleled success.

The programme is structured in a way that you can work through the material at your own pace while you have constant access to support and encouragement when life gets challenging (as tends to happen when you start breaking out of your comfort zone!)


You’ve probably heard that everything is energy. Everything! Including your beliefs, and thoughts, and words, and actions, and results.

That’s why most people do not succeed to the level they desire and that’s why I’ll be teaching you advanced energy techniques to help you shift into high gear – making the changes on the inside to create wealth on the outside.

You’re in for an experience of a lifetime!

In addition to LEARNING tons of new information, tips and techniques - and re-visiting the old with new eyes - you’ll also experience positive changes inside yourself as we apply these techniques on our group calls and in your life, moment to moment, right from the word ‘go’.

I know that when you sign up for this programme you’ll expect RESULTS; if the feedback from the others are something to go by - then that this exactly what you’ll get.

If you consistently applied the techniques that I'll share with you then you'll start laying the foundations towards greater wealth - since the focus of the programme is, after all, money!

But more importantly, you’ll discover a new way of experiencing life where you are no longer a victim whom life happens TO, but rather the captain of your own ship, using your God-given right and ability to create and manifest as you desire.

Ready to get your OWN results now?

I'm ready for results!

Because I want you to be sure that this is the right programme for you and because I know that it’s not for everyone), here is a taste of the modules that can radically change your life; these ‘moves’ are the very foundation of your MMM programme.

Money Making Moves
The 17 Moves to Create Wealth from The Inside out


Until you take 100% responsibility for where you are and where you want to be going, you will never be truly wealthy.

In Move #1 you will find out ...

  how you’ve created your reality to get you to where you are

  how you are the only one that can get you to wherever you want to go

  why no guru, no master, and no-one can rescue you - so stop waiting and take action now!

  why you cannot rescue anyone else– so you can stop wasting your energy and getting in the way of them finding their own power and freedom – and the distinction between helping others and wanting to rescue them

  you ALWAYS have 100% free will to choose whatever you want; there is no right and wrong, just consequences



Until you become that which you desire, you’ll never have what you desire.

In Move #2, discover ...

  Proven, practical and easy to use tools to help you to BE who you want to BE the quickest and most effectively

  That the tools are simply there to help you to BE that which you desire and that, as you find it easier to BE what you want to BE, you can let go of the tools!

  How this state of BEING is the language to connect with the infinite possibilities that already exist for you, and for everyone else on the planet!

  How to access the state of BEING to create the life you want using the most creative force in the universe – your imagination!




If you thought that thoughts were just thoughts, think again! Until you start paying attention to your thoughts, you'll never be truly wealthy.

In Move #3 you’ll discover ...

   how your every thought is like planting a seed that will grow into something

   that the ‘things’ in your life are the result of your thoughts (because your thoughts are a creative energy)

   that beliefs are the main driver of thoughts – how to identify them, eradicate and replace them

   how this fits in with collective consciousness, and the thoughts of other people

   exactly how to change your thoughts to be more aligned with where you want to be going, step-by-step.




You have to know where you want to be going in order to get there!

In Move #4 you will ...

   appreciate the importance of knowing exactly what you want

   see how important it is to let go of the ‘how’ (get out of the way!)

   learn tools to help you get clearer, day by day, as to what you really want

   experience for yourself the relief that comes from knowing that

the universe only wants for you whatever you want
you can have anything you want
anything is possible, and you can never know how it’ll happen!




Divine abundance is your natural state and we ALL have blocks to it; unless you clear them out, you'll never be truly wealthy.

In Move #5 learn exactly how to:

   identify which blocks have been getting in the way of you having more money

   clear out any “yes/buts” like “Yes but the economy is bad.” or “Yes but I can’t make money from doing what I love.”

   clear out any “what-if’s” like “What if I fail” or “What if it doesn’t work out”

   clear out any limiting beliefs about yourself like “I don’t deserve success” or “I’m not good enough.”

   clear out generally accepted yet vastly limiting (and untrue!) beliefs around money like “Money is the root of all evil.” or “It’s selfish to be wealthy.”

   clear out limiting beliefs about the world like “The world is unsafe.” or “I cannot get wealthy now because the world is in economic crisis.”



Big ships take time to turn around... and that’s OK! !

Move #6 will teach you:

   why ‘bad’ things still happen even though you’ve changed

   why all your new thoughts haven’t manifested yet

   the vital importance of persistence, persistence, persistence

   and experience the power of being supported and encouraged day in and day out, by a group of like-minded individuals who want you to succeed!



Sometimes events in our lives like conflicts, set-backs, disappointments and recurring limiting beliefs throw us off-course.

In Move #7 you’ll learn:

   how to easily allow the big ship to take as long as it takes to turn around and get back on course without worrying about it, knowing that it’s just part of life, exactly as expected and that it works that way for (almost) everyone!

   how to counteract negative thoughts and feelings with ease, grace and compassion so that they don’t turn into (more) things that you don’t want

   exactly how to launch a powerboat to get you where you want to be going quickly without having to wait for anyone or anything - knowing the big
ship will catch up with you in its own time.

   the exact techniques that will become second nature with consistent practice so that you’ll be able to do this without even having to THINK about it!




“Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Until you start taking the right action in the right way (and no, it’s NOT about working harder) you’ll never be truly wealthy.

Move #8 will teach you:

   exactly what constitutes ‘right action’

   just how much is not enough or too much
   how to get out of the habit of overworking

   You’ll learn how to relax into knowing that you are doing what you can, from where you are, with what you have – and that that is ALL you need to do to manifest your dreams!




We’ve all heard about the importance of gratitude. Until you feel truly grateful, you'll never be truly wealthy.

In Move #9 you will learn ...

   exactly why gratitude is such an important key for manifesting your dreams

   what to do when you don’t feel particularly grateful (and no, beating yourself up isn’t it!)

   a wonderfully simple technique to not only get more in touch with gratitude, but to anchor it inside your body so that you can feel it at any time




One of the biggest reasons you don’t have what you desire yet, is that you’re not open to receiving it. Until you open yourself up to receiving you’ll never be truly wealthy.

Learn in Move #10 about:

   the importance of receiving – from the apparent mundane to the profound!

   how to become more mindful of how often you say ‘No’ to receiving without even noticing it and how to clear out those blocks to receiving
even more importantly, practical actions you can start taking right away to start saying ‘Yes’ so that Life can bring you more of what you want



Your emotions are fuel to the fire of manifesting. Left untended painful emotions can (and often do) cause havoc and more personal pain.

In Move #11 you will learn to understand ...

   what feelings are, where they come from and what purpose they serve

   exactly why you feel the way you feel

   how to use feeling to lead you to unconscious limiting beliefs

   how to release them easily and in the moment



To the extent that you do not love and accept yourself as you are now, you will never be truly wealthy.

In Move #12 you'll have the opportunity to:

   identify which parts of yourself you still dislike

   find out how they’re been getting in the way of you being successful

   learn how to accept them as they are, and work with them towards a common goal

   get a deeper understanding of EXACTLY how your conscious and unconscious minds are designed, where beliefs and emotions fit into the scheme of things and how you can use the power of your thoughts, imagination and feelings to change anything you want.



You are the only one that can change your life, AND you can’t do anything without Grace!

In Move #13 you’ll explore:

   what it actually means to be connected to all

   how you’ve been given a set of power tools to create whatever you desire, but you need the Grace of Source for them to be effective

   what it means to ‘ask and you shall receive’



While you try to be who you think other people want you to be, you’ll never be truly wealthy.

In Move #14 you will ...

   uncover who and how you’ve been and the roles you’ve been playing – and how close to or far from your true self that is

   reconnect with your deeper values, wants, needs and desires – and know that who you are and the unique perspectives, thoughts and ideas that you bring to this world is perfect, welcome and much needed!

   learn how to clear up any remaining fear and doubts about being 100% YOU!!!!



While you routinely break commitments (to yourself and others) you’ll never be truly wealthy.

Move #15 will teach you ...

   why it is important to be accountable in ALL your actions – why it IS a big deal, and a simple tool to help you do exactly that

   how to get clear on and value your boundaries , what you stand for, what you say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to

   how to forgive yourself for having let yourself and others down, so that you can let the past be where it belongs (in the past) and move forward

You will never look at life the same way again!



You are in a relationship with money and unless you treat it well and with respect, you’ll never be truly wealthy.

Move #16 will allow you to ...

   see exactly who and what money represents for you and how that’s working; the penny drops!

   uncover old negative programming that may have led you to an unhealthy relationship with money

   start a new, healthy, fun, loving, respectful and abundant relationship with money so that you can have more of it in your life!

I’ve read enough and I just want to take action!

What people have said about working with Bennie -

"I am beginning to see more often and more clearly how ridiculous it is to hold onto limiting beliefs that are so obviously lies!!"

Dermot Fitzpatrick, MMM Pioneer


"Within just one session with Bennie I resolved an issue that had troubled me for years. He was professional, intuitive, very thorough and created a safe environment that allowed me to explore some deeply personal challenges. I highly recommend Bennie!"

Nikki Owen, UK’s Leading Expert in Charisma & Confidence


"I am very grateful to have had a 1-2-1 session with you today; you have cleared my most difficult issue that’s been affecting me for a long time!"

FM, Bellingen, Australia

OK, OK, I am ready to sign up! Tell me what to do next!

First, as I’ve said, this programme isn't for everyone.

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or you just want to download the content modules without listening to them or applying the techniques then this is absolutely not for you and you’re probably better off going to buy that next self-help book for your bookshelf. Remember - no-one can do this for you!

In this programme you won’t just talk about stuff; you’ll get the opportunity to apply it immediately, and be given all the tools you need to clear out any resistance that comes up.

"All I can say is WOW! I was able to work and shift out grown patterns, allowing me to work towards how I always dreamed I could be, WOW, thank you BENNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Being a great fan of Bennie. I can only but sing my highest praise – he makes everything easy to both understand, do and apply! You leave elevated and a new person. Yippie!"

MM, London

MMM: A programme for LIFE

The modules are jam-packed with tools, tips and techniques. These are presented in a way that's easy to understand and even easier to apply. The modules all build on each other, so that step-by-step you are creating an ever-stronger foundation to create wealth from the inside out.

Then we add the self-tapping. Tapping transforms lives - it really is a simple as that.

Then there's the forum. Be surrounded and supported by like-minded individuals to boost your progress, ask any question or for help, and share your wins and gains!

To get the most out of MMM, initially you'll have to set time aside for at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, to start changing your existing unconscious programming towards wealth and prosperity. Then, within a few weeks and as these new ways of thinking, feeling and doing becomes more ingrained, you'll start incorporating this way of being into your daily life in a way that, before long, you'll do it without even thinking about it and that's when you can expect to see ever more results.

The tools that you'll learn in the MMM modules are tools for life. The new ways of thinking about things, the skill that you'll master on how to create from within, are also tools for life that you'll be able to use anywhere, anytime.

Imagine learning how to cook and then being able to cook scrumptious food for the rest of your life. Or learning how to draw, or paint, or dance, or play the guitar - and then be able to enjoy that for the rest of your life. A bit like learning to walk or learning to talk - you only have to do it once to enjoy it for life!

When you add all of this up it's easy to see how MMM is much more than a life-changing course. It's really only the beginning of a very different way of experiencing the rest of your life.

You know this programme is for you if:
  • You know deep down that you are worth more money that you currently have
  • You are ready to work through whatever it is that’s been stopping you from upping your rates, getting the promotion or the pay-rise, or making money doing what you love
  • You appreciate that no programme, however amazing, can MAKE you change and that ultimately, you are 100% responsible for yourself
  • You are willing to dedicate time with every modile to doing the change work that comes with the programme, because the tools will work only if you work them!
  • If you’re sick and tired and have had enough of being a victim to life and money.
  • If you’re ready for an exciting adventure into creating wealth from the inside out!

Here's what’s included in
'Money Making Moves: Getting rich from the inside out’

1 x 90-minute Kick-off module ($200 value)
12 x 90-minute modules; that’s 18 hours of powerful content and tapping time to make sure you know exactly how to implement the changes right away ($2,700 value)
Specially designed change-work routines which take you through the change process to create wealth from the inside out, step by step every step of the way = PLUS an easy to use tracking sheet to help you stay on course. ($240 value)
Download the modules in movie format (wmv or avi) – that’s a total of 12 files - yours to download and keep so you can watch them again and again ($360 value)
12 x transcripts of the content modules ($375 value)
Easy downloads of all bonus materials, PDF Hand-outs, Tools and Resources ($300 value)
Exclusive access to your unique 'Money Making Moves’ Forum for mutual support and encouragement!  (priceless!)



Stress has become the ‘norm’ in a lot of Western society; it does not have to be this way! Find out how stress is harming you, why it’s important to clear stress, and start clearing it right away


RELEASE AND LET IT GO! Forgive yourself and others. MP3

Forgiveness is one of the mostly widely misunderstood concepts on the planet; holding on to grudges and the past is a sure way to stay stuck. This guided process combines the best techniques in a way that’s never been done before, to help you truly let go of the past so that you can move towards a new, different and prosperous future.


YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! Yes - you.  2 x MP3 files

The thought that you are not good enough is a lie.
It hurts and it keeps you small.

Here are two mp3 files to help you change that belief and re-install a deep sense that not only are you good enough already but you always have been and always will be good enough! 

If you were to buy these components separately, it would cost you over $4,000.

What would it feel like to live your dream?

To be truly happy and to understand 100% how to create wealth from the inside out?

What would that be worth to you if you could learn how to create anything you want?  Just imagine being financially free, and to spend your time doing what you love and loving what you do?

You’re right, that is priceless!

And it does not cost $4,000 to join MMM – far from it!

‘Money Making Moves: Creating Wealth from the Inside out’ is priced at only $1 for the first month!!


But before you finally decide to join this programme, remember that you will get out of this programme in direct proportion what you put into it.

The exercises don’t work by osmosis – you have to DO them. The forum support is there for you – if you USE it.

Don't want to be tied to be in front of your computer at a given time each week?

The great news is that you're not!

As soon as you register for $1, MMM will be delivered right to your inbox within minutes.

Your very own Starter Kit explaining how everything works and how to get the most out of MMM
A Preparation Guide to make sure that you are READY for RESULTS
A 90-minute Kick-off Module to get you started right away

Module 01 audio, video and worksheet

Module 01 transcript and Module 02 preview so that you know what's coming up.

Wait a minute... are you saying that this is all included for $1?

Yes I am!

And it's yours to keep.

Why MMM is Just $1 For You To Try

I know what it's like when you are expected to fork out hard earned cash on something when you're not sure that it will help you, or even that you'll like it.  Unlike other programmes where you have to pay first and then see what you've bought, I want you to have the opportunity to have a good look to see what's on offer because then you can see for yourself if this is the programme for you.

"If I had to choose again whether to join MMM,
I’d do so absolutely and without any hesitation!

For someone considering joining MMM I’d say join - you have nothing to lose except the resistance to having what you truly want and deserve!

I’d rate MMM as 100 / 100 and it’s in the top 10 best decisions I've made in the past 5 years!!!!

To continue your membership and receive the next module, you need to do nothing; as long as your subscription remains current we'll send you a new module (audio, video and worksheet) every 30 days, with the transcript and a preview of the next module following 14 days later.

Download the modules month by month and work through them when it suits YOU!! Once you've downloaded them you get to keep them - for life.

Tapping and MMM works

I have helped over a thousand people to transform their lives - tapping; works if you APPLY it.

YES – I am ready for one of the most exciting and profoundly life changing events of my life – bring it on!

YES – I am willing to dedicate 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week to creating long-lasting wealth from the inside out

Yes - I want to receive the Starter Pack, Preparation Guide and Kickoff module right now for only $1.


Receive Modules 1 - 12, one per month, for only $1 the first month, then $49 per month.

No commitment, no catch, no strings attached. Cancel at any time - and get to
keep all the material you've already downloaded!

"Bennie is obviously doing what he is meant to do in this life.. Having carried something for many years Bennie helped me to clear it within an hour – sounds impossible, but I would definitely recommend giving it a go."


"Bennie is highly competent; since having a session with him I have been able to approach a previously terrifying scenario with calm and confidence. I can highly recommend Bennie’s work to change behaviour patterns. Thanks!"


"Bennie is a patient, warm and considerate person who has had a massive impact in my life with the work he does. I thought that I was in a good place, doing well and couldn’t be or do any better than I am…..I was wrong. I have found a new place to be in life and I’m loving it….thanks Bennie!"



YES – I am ready for one of the most exciting and
profoundly life changing events of my life – bring it on!

I want to get access to the MMM programme right now for only $1!

1 payment of $1

Receive Modules 1 - 12, one per month, for only $1 the first month, then $49 per month.

No commitment, no catch, no strings attached. Cancel at any time - and get to
keep all the material you've already downloaded!

"Bennie has helped me change something that has been a block in my life, it has been a profound experience and his insight, kindness and gifted talent make this one of the best healing experiences I’ve ever had."

Barry, London


"I feel like a starfish on Bennie’s beach. He picked me up, showed me the way to get my life back and find my happiness. Bennie you have made a huge difference in my life. THANK YOU for being Bennie and for all your support."

Kim Mattingly, Switzerland



Q: I am already consciously manifesting my future with daily affirmation sessions backed with the related emotion, so do I need this programme when I am already doing it?

A: Yes! Emotion-filled affirmations are very powerful and just ONE of the 17 MMM 'moves'. As you start incorporating the other 16 moves too, life starts flowing even more; remember that anything is possible and that nothing is too good to be true! If what you are currently doing is creating the life you desire, then great! If not, it may be time to add something to the mix, don't you think?

Q: I am in a job that pays extremely well and I don't have money issues. However, I'm not sure I want to follow this career path anymore, and I'm certainly nervous about starting something new and going backwards in pay, so I guess it would help me with this?

A: Yes! One of the first things you'll learn on MMM is that you don't need to make any sudden or radical life changes (unless you want to, of course).

Quitting my 6-figure salary and ending up sleeping on the floor was part of my journey to eventually create the MMM programme and it most certainly won't have to be part of yours; if I'd known then what I know now, things would have been a lot easier!

As you start incorporating the moves into your life (and especially get absolute clarity on how you'd like your life to change), the craziest 'coincidences' and weirdest synchronicities start happening and opportunities open up in ways that you'd never even thought of!

Q: I'd rather focus more on life success than financial success, but I'm guessing deep down that's what this is really all about :-)

A: Yes, yes, yes and YES!

The moves are moves for LIFE.

As fun, interesting and OK as it is to manifest a car or more money, the moves are (as you guessed!) really about helping you get in touch with the power that is inside you already.

Once you learn how to harness that power then you'll see for yourself that you can experience whatever you desire in life, and that you are free to create WHATEVER you want, because not everybody wants $10,000,000!

Q: I am strapped for cash already and I'm not sure I want to invest more money in myself now.

A: I’ve been there myself many times; sometimes I took the plunge and signed up anyway and sometimes I didn't.

Whatever you decide is OK, and consider this: the quicker you change your relationship with money, the sooner you can expect to see more money in your bank account.

There’s also the 100% money back guarantee. Download the first two modules and if you are not completely satisfied with the programme simply email me BEFORE you get access the third module and I will happily refund all your money - and you get to keep all the material that you've already downloaded!

Q: I have a lot of personal ‘issues’ that I want to resolve first and I'm not sure I should focus on money now.

A: You are the best one to decide where you priorities are, AND as I’ve said on the call, the MMM ‘moves" are about a lot more than money: it’s about getting in touch with your Divine power to change ANYTHING; money is just an easy way to keep score but these are ’moves’ for LIFE that you can use to create ANYTHING you want, including more harmonious relationships, peace and joy!

Q: I’m doing so much already I don’t want to commit to something else; I think I’ll wait until things slow down a bit and then join in.

A: It’s easy to get caught out with the ’If/Then’ principle. ‘IF I have more money, or time, or a better job, or a better partner THEN I'll do what I want.’

If you are stuck now in a life where there is too much to do and a lack of time, a lack of peace, a lack of breathing space and a lack of wealth, that’s exactly the reason to join MMM because you’ll learn how to be the CAUSE of your life rather than a victim to whom life just happens to.

Nobody is coming to rescue you, it has always been and will always be 100% up to you!

And, if now is not the time for you to join MMM, then now is not the time. But if now is not the time because you don't have enough (time, money, health, love) - then it's the perfect time to join!

Q: 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week sounds like a lot; what if I'm already stretched and don't have it? A: If you had a guarantee that you would get wealthier beyond your wildest dreams and happier and healthier if you spent 30 minutes a day on yourself, would you do it?

Would you still do it if you had to give up 30 minutes a day of reading newspapers or watching the news or your favourite TV program?

That’s what you need to ask yourself.

You are the only one that can take charge of your financial future and create wealth from the inside out. The immersion phase of MMM is designed to teach you a radically different way of being so that you can get radically different results.

Thinking about changing usually doesn't change a thing; there are no shortcuts and nobody else can do it for you - period. The only way through is to DO it, but first you need to decide that you are worth it and that you actually WANT things to improve.

(I’ll let you in on a secret: as the programme helps you grow and expand the time will come when you realise that creating wealth takes no time at all and that you don't need to spend 30 minutes a day to create the life you want! But initially it takes time to undo the negative programming you've had and you are the only one that can do that.)

Now ask yourself again: are you worth 30 minutes a day? I think if you answer that honestly you’ll find that the answer is ’Yes, you are.’

Q: What is the price in other currencies like South African Rand?

A: The price is in USD because PayPal does not provide support for South African Rand.  Even at today's exchange rate, $1 is practically free! 


"My debts cleared off!"

"Before joining MMM, I had quite a large amount of debt and that put some worries on me and also I had some scarcity over money. And, now, a quarter of the way through the programme, my debts have cleared off, my credit rate went back to 'normal' and money doesn't scare me anymore. Plus, I feel much more relaxed about life, I don't feel that I have to work super hard for everything. I feel that life has become easier and more joyful, uplifted and smiley. I love and accept myself much more almost unconditionally which is a lovely feeling. Now, I feel that I'm perfect just the way I'm and I understand the meaning of it as well. If you would like to change your life for the better, this would be the programme for you. You could learn basic skills to change your thoughts, and quickly move forward in your life. It also enables you to shift some old non wanted limited thoughts, in a safe and gently way with a mentor and teacher who has great skills and experiences and he can guide you through to life changes experiences. You are the only one who can make the changes and decisions as it is your life, and when you get a chance to get on a course which is reasonably priced, and superbly designed, you should take that chance. I love my life !!! Out of a 100, MMM is a 100 for me!"

Judit Thom


"I've noticed lots of changes!

"Since I've started MMM 3 months ago I've noticed lots of changes - mostly around work and my attitude to money. The Energy Psychology Techniques are a great tool to and I've learnt new and deeper ways to apply them. The Q&A and tapping calls are really good and the bonus calls on specific topics, a wonderful surprise! The teachings - although not new to my ears - are absolutely spot on and very useful. I find that listening to Bennie talk sparks ideas off in me in how to live life more in the flow and with a positive mind-set. As for people who are thinking about joining the programme I'd say 'Do it - you've got nothing to lose!' I expect to be using this material for a long time to come! "

James Tinney

I've read enough and I just want to take action!